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About Us
About Jet Logistic


Jet Logistic & Co. Ltd. was founded in 1995 in the town of Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria.


Jet Logistic & Co. Ltd. is a licensed international carrier of cargoes since 1995.


Our priority destinations are Western Europe and the Balkan region. Our major European destinations are: Germany, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Austria, France, Spain, Slovenia, Hungary, and Poland.


All transportation activities are under Insurance (Carrier’s responsibility) under the CMR Convention. We also operate our transportation services with CEMT licenses.


The company has its own fleet of trucks – 4 truck tractors with semi-trailers (semi-trailer trucks) and 5 trucks with full trailers. Our current investment efforts are oriented towards expanding our truck fleet, and equipping it extra features, according to the latest standards.

Company Mission

Company Policies

Thanks to our years-long market presence, today we have abundant knowledge and experience in providing top quality domestic and international transportation services. Our company policies are structured around the growing customers’ requirements for service quality and price competitiveness. To face the market challenges, we develop integrated transportation solutions at optimal prices and with excellent quality.


Jet Logistic is committed to delivering to its clients outstanding transportation and logistic solutions at competitive prices, and with short delivery deadlines. Our main objective is to live up to our customers’ expectations and requirements for quality, price and expedience.


Jet Logistic has effectively worked to minimize clients’ costs and shorten delivery times. The company resources are dedicated to consolidating the team efforts in order to market competitive transportation services that are efficient for our customers, while expanding our business horizons. Our priorities are to deliver timely and safely our transportation services, and create business partnerships based on trust and reliability.

We believe that our professionalism, expedience and flexibility will affirm our company reputation as an excellent provider of transportation and logistic services.

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