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Forwarding Services

The forwarding services of Jet Logistic cover both international freight forwarding and domestic transportation. Our carriers have gained significant experience in transporting cargoes on affirmed routes, and are well prepared to meet the challenges in handling each individual shipment. Jet Logistic also provides temporary warehouse storage for incoming and outgoing groupage shipments to facilitate the processing of your cargo.

Customer Service

Jet Logistic features a team of qualified forwarding experts who manage our intensive activities in domestic and international forwarding. We are dedicated to providing quality consultations and adequate solutions to any transportation assignment with respect to our customers’ business interests. Our communication is carried out in English, Bulgarian, German and French.


Our customer-driven approach produces efficient and successful transportation solutions. We aim at designing transport services that help foster your business priorities, and allow you to concentrate on your core activities, while enjoying the qualities of our forwarding. We organize cargo transportation and warehouse manipulations of cargo, and perform the related informational, managerial and control functions for you, as well as the selection of optimal route and vehicle type.

We have 24/7 connection with each truck, and are prepared to provide prompt information about the exact location of your cargo or shipment.


Logistics Services

Logistics at Jet Logistic saves you money and time. We offer you the full spectrum of logistic services – warehouse storage, loading, cargo transportation, information storage and processing.

Warehouse Storage

Jet Logistic maintains a storage warehouse equipped to accommodate various types of cargo. Our warehouse has special compartments for storing cargo of different kinds in full compliance with storage requirements.

Our warehouse facilities allow for various cargo manipulations – loading and unloading; warehousing; commissioning; packaging and repackaging; labeling; foiling; additional services upon request. Goods at the warehouse are insured and under constant 24/7 surveillance.

Our team professionalism is credit to our customer satisfaction. We ensure competent consulting on all practical and document issues in the sphere of transportation, forwarding and logistics. Our team competencies are in the fields of economics, marketing, domestic and international transport, insurance and more. Our flexible company policies offer you optimal financial planning and quality technical execution of your complex transportation problems.

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